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CD Review: Asphyx - Deathhammer


Death Metal
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Live Death Doom

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CD Review: Asphyx - Death... The Brutal Way

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Death Metal
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"Die Eisenbahnmörser sind zurück!"
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Die holländischen Doom/Death-Metaller werden am 30. September 2016 ihr neues Album “Incoming Death” via Century Media veröffentlichen.

Sänger Martin van Drunen kommentiert:
“Four and a half years after the release of “Deathhammer” we finally managed to finish its long awaited successor. It will be out on September the 30th, as always on our beloved label Century Media. Expect 11 unmerciful battering tracks in the typical ASPHYX death/doom style, but also the most varied ASPHYX material up to date without losing our rawness, brutality and heaviness. The album will be entitled “Incoming Death”. And like “Deathhammer”, it's a phrase that doesn't really exist, but refers to what entrenched soldiers cry out when under severe artillery fire. Thus “Incoming Death” implies another relentless bombardment of monstrous ASPHYX death/doom metal!

Recorded on diffferent locations throughout 2016 and once more mixed and mastered by the mighty Dan "The Man" Swanö. Serious ear bleedings guaranteed! It’s also our first record also featuring "Husky" on drums, who is now with us for already two and a half years molesting the pig skins with the absolute perfect ASPHYX attitude, passion, pride and mayhem. We are very proud of this best ASPHYX album ever! And knowing our dedicated fans worldwide, they will be proud of us as well! Soon we will hit the stages on every continent to do what we do best; Intense, loud, sweaty, filthy and ruthless live performances!”

ASPHYX line-up 2016:

Paul Baayens – Guitars

Alwin Zuur – Bass

Martin van Drunen – Vocals

Stefan “Husky“ Hüskens – Drums
18.07.16 | 17:39 Uhr
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