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CD Review: Nominon - Monumentomb


Death Metal
4 von 7 Punkten
"Nicht gerade monumental"
CD Review: Nominon - Recremation


Death Metal
6 von 7 Punkten
"Oooooold Schoooooool!!!"
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<< Flotsam And Jetsam - NeuauflageDeranged - Nicht mit Belphegor auf Konzertreise >>
Die unter dem Namen "Remnants Of A Diabolical History" lange angekündigte Zusammenstellung alter NOMINON-Tracks ist aus businesstechnischen Unwegsamkeiten zunächst versandet, wird aber in Bälde doch erscheinen. Aber hören wir doch der mächtig angepissten Künstler eigene Worte zu dem Vorfall:

"It took us not even a week to find a label for the delayed collection CD that we have told you quite much about recently, entitled 'Remnants of a Diabolical History'. This ultimate cavalcade of death metal hits from beyond will be released within a couple of weeks via Pulverised Records from Singapore, if now everything works out as planned between the band and the label. This record label was recently responsible for the license of the last album of DISSECTION in Asia. Other great acts on their roster are AZURE, SATHANAS and SATARIEL, among others! NOMINON are sure that they are competent enough to do their best to promote and sell this brutal piece of art worldwide.

"As of now, we have no further information from Agonia Records, who are responsible for the release of the vinyl version of this grotesque collection of material from 1997-2005. They told us last week that the covers were being printed at that time, and the week before that the factory was closed due to holidays, and the month before that the label told us that they were getting the records on July 21st. So, well, who knows what the fuck is happening with that release? In the past we have heard mostly BAD (really bad) things about the Polish label Agonia Records, from some bands they have worked with. But we thought. 'Why not give them a chance?!' So, here we are, after more or less six months after the planned release date. It's starting to look like a bad joke all this!!"
08.09.06 | 10:53 Uhr
<< Flotsam And Jetsam - Neuauflage
Deranged - Nicht mit Belphegor auf Konzertreise >>
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